The Bloggers Coronavirus Survival Guide

Feeling lonely? Overwhelmed? Anxious? 

I’ve felt all of these things. It’s normal. Or at least, it is our new ‘normal.’

Working online can feel lonely at the best of times. Add self-isolation to the mix and it can be hard to stay focussed, motivated and upbeat. Especially when it’s hard to know what to write about in current times! 

Add to that, some blogging niches are taking a direct hit with travel bloggers seeing traffic losses of up to 90%, moral amongst bloggers is at an all time low. 

That is why I created this Bloggers Self-Isolation Survival Guide – a FREE 21 page resource to help you stay upbeat, motivated, healthy and productive throughout this difficult time. 

It also includes a 30 day social media content plan so you’ll never run out of things to talk about with your audience. 

I want to help you emerge from this crisis at the top of your game ready to grow your blog in to a thriving business. 

Inside you will find; 

  •  A 30 day social media content plan 
  • Topics popular now 
  • Which articles travel bloggers should focus on 
  • Ways to make money when your blog isn’t 
  • Productivity tips for working from home 
  • Projects you can work on during self-isolation
  • Business and life goal plan
  • A self isolation checklist to keep you sane
  • Self care tips for bloggers 
  • Podcast recommendations to help bloggers thrive 
  • Mental health tips to help during self-isolation 
girl using a laptop sitting on a bed


“Do something today that your future self will thank you for…”


Remember, You have got this!

And if you need a little more support, come and join our Passive Income Superstars Facebook Community. As well as the usual passive income and affiliate marketing tips, we will be having threads to share Netflix, podcast, book and indoor workout recommendations to keep us all sane whilst self-isolating at home! See you there?