How to Avoid Blogging Bundle Overwhelm & Turn Your Blog into a Thriving Business

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Picture the scenario. You buy a bundle of blogging courses at a humongous discount and it feels like Christmas!

You had been debating between investing in learning about SEO or affiliate marketing and suddenly you didn’t have to choose. You could have BOTH.

And resources to learn about Pinterest, email marketing, creating digital products, pitching to brands, video creation, starting a podcast, creative writing….

When you dig into it, you feel like a kid in a candy shop and rightly so. You’ve just snagged an amazing bargain that has the potential to help you turn you struggling blog into a thriving business. You are right to feel excited.

But sometimes that excitement can be detrimental…

As you register for all the courses and spend 10 minutes flicking through each realising just how much you have to learn about each topic.

And then it hits. The overwhelm. The panic. You have SO MUCH to learn, but there are not enough hours in the day! With so many fantastic courses, where do you even start?! Will you ever get there? Is there any point trying?!

What you are experiencing? Blogging bundle overwhelm.

picture of a girl sat on the floor, laptop open, surrounded by paper notes, working through a blogging bundle

But there is a solution.

I want to help you actually get the most from these bundles because they are truly powerful. Used correctly, they are going to help you get where you want to go, and a whole lot faster!

Because knowledge is powerful and you just invested in a LOT of knowledge from a LOT of experts.

Kudos to you my friend, you and your blog are going places!

So in this article, I am going to give you my best tips for avoiding blogging bundle overwhelm! You can also download a free blogging bundle workbook to help you stay on track.

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    But first, for those wondering what I’m even on about…

    What is a blogging bundle?

    A blogging bundle is a collection of resources such as courses, ebooks, templates, masterclasses and printables curated by a group of blogging experts to teach you new skills at an affordable price.

    Many blogging courses are priced at over $200

    And the good ones are absolutely worth the investment and you’ll likely see a good return on your investment as your traffic/email list/ subscriber base/income starts to increase.

    But it can get expensive when you have more than one area where your knowledge needs updating.

    Especially when you first start a blog. You need to learn about brand design, how to use WordPress, writing, photography, how to get traffic to your blog, how to grow your social media channels, how to start an email list, how to start monetising your blog… The list is long.

    Taking a course in every subject gets expensive. Yes, there are free resources out there but they’re going to skim the surface and you’ll have to use a lot of trial and error before you get where you want to go.

    But unless you are feeling very flush, you’re going to have to prioritise where to spend your hard-earned cash.

    That’s where blogging bundles come in. For a short time only, they offer bloggers the opportunity to access the whole range of resources at one very affordable price.

    Think of it like Black Friday for bloggers.

    Many bundles (like the GBTK) also offer bonuses like money off the tools we all need to run successful blogs like email marketing platforms and scheduling tools.

    Picture of a girl sitting crosslegged on a sofa looking at a laptop and learning from a blogging bundle like the genius bloggers toolkit

    Which are the best blogging bundles to get?

    The two I recommend are

    I’d say the Genius Bloggers Toolkit is the best as there are more bonuses and generally you get a little more value for money. That said, both are brilliant and I think you’ll get value for money with both.

    I got both this year and plan to do the same next year as they cover different topics.

    I’d say the BC stack was slightly more targeted at entrepreneurial bloggers with more content about webinars, running summits etc.

    The Genius Bloggers Toolkit is designed specifically for bloggers rather than marketers. Yes, there are products about creating your own digital products, starting podcasts and running paid ads which would be attractive for entrepreneurs but the bulk of the resources are designed to help you grow and monetise your blog in traditional ways such as via SEO, Pinterest, affiliate marketing and working with brands.

    You can check out my Genius Bloggers Toolkit review right here

    Both are available for short windows (usually just a few days) at specific times during the year.

    The Genius Bloggers Toolkit is usually available in September/October time. The BC stack usually comes out a little earlier around July/August time.

    Will I ever need to invest in another course after this?


    It depends on how in-depth you need your knowledge to be in each area. Do you want to specialise in one area or do you want to do a little of everything? Do you want one-on-one support?

    Think of it like this. There are 5 levels of blogging education

    1. Free content in blog posts – most basic level.
    2. Free content upgrades – build upon free blog posts but require joining an email list to access
    3. Low-cost products – probably sold for under $50. They solve a very specific problem and are very useful but probably aren’t going to cover everything you need for that topic.
    4. More in-depth courses – generally $100-300. Goes way beyond the free stuff, you’ll likely learn the secret cards these experts have been keeping under wraps.
    5. Super in-depth courses or memberships with video trainings and one-on-one support such as coaching calls and personal feedback. These are high ticket products and can cost up to around $5000 but you can expect the VIP experience and someone to hold your hand every step of the way. They have the potential to turbocharge your business – IF you can afford it!
    picture of a girl making notes inside a notebook after learning from the GBTK

    Most professional blogging coaches will offer all 5 levels eventually. They need to offer free stuff because no one is going to buy from them unless they can prove their expertise.

    They offer low cost and medium level courses for those who need more assistance but can’t afford the full VIP experience.

    For those who want a much higher level of support, they will need to pay more for both the coaches time, for ongoing support and their level expertise and years of knowledge.

    You are unlikely to get many level 5 courses inside a bundle. But you will find plenty of level 3 and 4 products because offering these products is a great way for coaches to get eyeballs on their more affordable products, find affiliates and earn customers through word-of-mouth.

    Therefore, it makes sense that coaches ONLY submit quality resources to these bundles. There is zero point for them to contribute some throw-away product with no value because all those new eyes they are getting on their products will not be impressed. They will not tell their friends, they won’t sign up to be affiliates, they won’t open their emails and they definitely won’t but their level 5 products further down the track when they are ready to take the next step.

    So the answer to your question, yes you will get quality products on a huge variety of topics. Some will be more in-depth than others and whilst some are aimed at beginners others are aimed at advanced bloggers. You are certainly far more likely to succeed with these courses than free content alone.

    But, if you want to get super in-depth into a very specific topic and you want the one-on-one premium ongoing support, then you may want to look at purchasing a specific course from your favourite coach that specialises in that topic instead. It will cost you a lot more money but it can often be worth the investment.

    Right let’s get onto those tips for avoiding blogging overwhelm I told you about…

    Tips to avoid Blogging Bundle Overwhelm

    Get organised

    Spend a day getting organised. Download the PDFs into a designated ‘blogging education’ folder and sign up for all the courses.

    With the Genius Bloggers Toolkit, you have 6 months to do this and once you’re signed up to each you get lifelong access but its so easy to forget then lose access after 6 months.

    I have a blogging courses bookmark on Chrome where I save every course. I use LastPass to save all my passwords so I don’t have to try and remember them months down the line!

    Check if there are any video masterclasses which may expire after 6 months and put them in your diary to watch before the expiration date.

    Picture of a girl holding notes and a folder to her chest having organised herself avoiding bundle overwhelm!

    Spend a few hours sorting your emails out and add the important ones to your address book

    You’ll probably get quite a few emails from the course/ebook owners. I’d advise again spending some time looking through the welcome emails.

    If they resonate with you and teach the topic you’re interested in then add them to your email list so you get their tips without any emails you actually want landing in the spam folder.

    Lots of blogging coaches teach their most valuable tips via their email list but you need to sort the good from the bad and only stay on the ones relevant to you!

    ** I ought to point out that I know other blogging coaches recommend registering for courses slowly to avoid email overwhelm. But to me, this sounds like a bitty, recurrent task that ends up taking longer than needed. I’d personally rather spend a few hours registering for courses and organising emails and get the job done so I can get back to more important work!**

    If you’re not interested in the topic, unsubscribe!

    For any topics you are not ready to learn about, (eg that podcast course you signed up for as you MIGHT want to start a podcast a year down the track) then unsubscribe from their email lists to avoid email overwhelm.

    If you’re not interested in what they have to say then they would probably rather you unsubscribe than be an inactive subscriber!

    Also, receiving emails about podcasting is only going to distract you from the SEO and affiliate marketing lessons you joined the bundle for in the first place!

    You can always sign back up later down the track when you ARE starting a podcast.

    So whilst you should absolutely stay on some email lists and learn from those experts, be selective about which ones you stay on.

    Get Focussed

    Now its time to get focussed!

    Write a list of 3 topics you want to learn about. No cheating, you’re only allowed 3! You can come back to the others later but these are your priorities.

    Now order that list of 3 by priority. E.g. it might be

    1. SEO
    2. Affiliate marketing
    3. Email marketing

    Be strict sticking to your priority list and don’t get carried away half-completing everything. One thing at a time! You can come back to the email marketing, digital products or pitching to brands resources later on when you are ready to expand your knowledge.

    Also, consider if there is a logical order to learn them in. For example, to be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to know how to get traffic to your website so it makes sense to learn SEO first.

    Similarly, if you’re interested in creating printables to sell, you should spend time learning about email marketing 1st.

    Girl reading from a tablet sat on the floor with her laptop open reading from a blogging course

    Keep notes

    You are going to learn a LOT and it’ll be hard to remember everything. So make sure you write down take-home points or changes you want to implement. If you do these on your laptop, you won’t lose them…

    You could take this a step further and make post-it notes of your action points which you can pin on the wall of your office or on your fridge door to remind you to take action and keep moving forward!

    If you want a good system for documenting your learning points, course access info and generally getting blog organised then make sure to check out the Blog Boss Management System

    If you choose to get the GBTK then you may want to get the cheatsheets for an extra $50. They are essentially, all the resources in brief note form so you can scan through and see which you want to delve into more and also save the take-home messages from the rest!

    They won’t tell you everything you need to know and they do skim the surface but they are useful to help you decide which courses are worth delving into in more detail. They are also great for beginners who need a little info on a lot of subjects.

    Allocate time in your schedule

    Allocate some time in your schedule for your blogging education. It might be half a day a week or a day a month. Whatever you decide, put it in the diary just like you would an appointment! This will help you stick to it.

    Check out this list of the best blogging planners for inspiration!

    Picture of stacks of blogging notes on a desk

    Have these tips for avoiding blogging bundle overwhelm helped? I really hope that you get the most from your bundle. I truly believe in investing in your blogging education and making my own commitment to constant learning is how I grew and monetised my blog so quickly.

    To help you stay on track, I created you this blogging bundle workbook which you can download here👇

    Get your Blogging Bundle Workbook

    Remove the overwhelm and stay focussed on the end goal

      We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at any time. Zero spam and just all the good stuff, like emails so good you will actually read them!

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