How to use blogging templates to streamline your workflow

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Blogging templates save me SO MUCH time.

It can be hard juggling all the hats you have to wear as a blogger. There’s website design, content creation, photo editing, social media management, SEO strategy, blog monetisation, pitching to brands and growing your email list to contend with.

Which is why I started creating my own blogging templates to streamline my workflow and get more productive with my business.

So today I’ll be showing you how to use templates for blogging to take your business to the next level a lot faster!

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Why you should use templates for bloggers in your business

  • Templates save you time. Less time thinking, staring into space and battling writer’s block (or designers block.) Less time trying to create fiddly tables and graphs inside Canva and less time trying to find a writing formula which works. Blogging life gets busy and templates help you regain your work-life balance.
  • Templates can help you create professional products. Whether it’s a professional-looking website, a media kit which wows or a lead magnet which creates a great first impression, branding matters and not all bloggers are design experts. Templates help you create something you can be proud to show off.
  • Using the same templates keeps your brand consistent and cohesive. You want to start creating products which are so well branded that people know they belong to you before they see who owns it.
  • Blog post article templates and email templates can help you achieve the same results as those who are more experienced get. They are sharing their tried-and-tested strategies which are going to save you a lot of trial-and-error time!

10 Blogging templates to save you time and grow your biz

Blog themes

The first blogging template you’re going to need is a blog theme. A theme is essentially a website template which helps you create a beautiful user-friendly blog.

You just choose your brand colours and fonts and add some content and tadah, you have a beautiful blog – without needing to code!

You can get free blog themes but often they are very basic and chances are you will want to upgrade to a premium blog theme before long.

You can switch themes later down the track but if you do this once your blog is getting traffic, you’ll need to set up a staging website for a smooth transition. Your host can usually help with this.

What to look for in a premium blogging theme template

  • Make sure your theme isn’t bloated and runs fast. Ask for feedback about theme speeds inside Facebook groups and run some speed tests on websites using the theme you are considering. I use Pingdom speed test for this.
  • Make sure the theme is mobile responsive and that it looks just as beautiful on mobiles and tablets as it does a desktop.
  • Make sure it’s easily customisable. Again, you may want to ask in Facebook groups for feedback.

My personal favourite blogging theme (and the one I use for this website) is Flatsome via Envato themes. It’s fast, affordable and very easy to customise. It also has a drag and drop builder so it’s easy to create the exact look you want

You may also want to check out the other themes available with Envato themes.

Another place you can find beautiful blog theme templates is Etsy but if you do look there, make sure you check the credentials of the developers and that it comes with updates. Check out Etsy website themes here.

If you want to tweak your own theme and need to hire a developer, then you can do this in an affordable way also via Etsy – hire a programmer here.

Blog article templates

Not every article should be based on a template – story articles for example should be allowed to flow naturally. But for certain articles, following a template can speed up the content creation process and make sure that your article is structured well.

Many bloggers struggle to create articles which actually convert affiliate sales and so I created a whole toolkit full of templates including affiliate article templates for reviews, comparisons, listicles, tutorials and interviews.

Check out my Affiliate Superstar toolkit HERE.

Pinterest templates for bloggers

These days the Pinterest algorithm is demanding more and more ‘fresh pins’ aka a constant stream of new pin designs. It’s exhausting trying to keep up and making new designs from scratch each time is going to take WAY too long, distracting you from important tasks like content creation.

That’s where Pinterest templates come in! You can create them yourself, use the free templates included with Canva or buy templates that you can use again and again.

Personally, I find the free Pinterest templates Canva provides quite limiting. Pins made with those templates, never really converted well for me. You do get more options for designs with Canva Pro.

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If you’re design savvy, you can create your own templates. I create folders with pin templates and so every time I create a new article, I’ll make pins using several different templates then save them to another folder ready to use whenever I need them.

The folders feature is currently only available to Canva Pro users but I’d be lost without it!

It also has other useful features like being able to resize designs for all social media platforms at one click and being able to animate images – hello video pins and explosive Pinterest engagement! You can get a 30 day free trial of Canva Pro by clicking here.

Finally, you can purchase Pinterest templates designed specifically for bloggers.

Social media templates

Just like Pinterest templates, social media templates can save bloggers a lot of time. They also help when you need to post on social media and are lacking inspiraton.

Social Media Calendars is a company which create social media images you can use on any social platform. They create bundles of templates including quotes, tips, would you rather scenarios and engaging questions.

You can edit them in Canva to use your brand colours and then use on your social platforms to increase engagement. This means that when you post your blog articles to your social channels, they will likely reach a much larger, engaged audience!

Currently they sell bundles for bloggers in the following niches

I have the travel package for my travel site. Here’s a few examples…

The other place I get social media templates from is via my subscription with the Styled Stock Society. I signed up to get beautiful stock photos – the free stock photo sites get a little repetitive after a while.

But one of the biggest bonuses is the monthly templates they include in the membership – I now have pretty much every type of blogger templates you can imagine in my library!

Read my Styled Stock Society Review here

Email templates for bloggers

Sometimes writing emails can be a challenge. There are days when the creative juices just aren’t flowing and we need a little help, right?

For this reason, I always recommend batch writing when you are feeling inspired and creative.

For important emails like welcome emails or sales emails, you may wish to use tried-and-tested templates. there are many bloggers who sell these. Not only will they make your emails take less time to create, but they will also make them more effective! Win-win!

Lead magnet templates

Lead magnets are essential for growing your email list. However creating lead magnets from scratch is a time consuming process. Therefore I would recommend either making your own Canva templates you can reuse or purchasing templates.

I sell 50 lead magnet templates which you can use in Canva to create lead magnets fast. In theory, it should take less than 30 minutes to create a useful, professional lead magnet which fits your brand using these lead magnet templates for bloggers.

Ebook templates for bloggers

Selling ebooks can be a great way to create passive income for bloggers. However, designing an ebook which is both beautiful and professional-looking can be time-consuming.

This is somewhere you absolutely should use templates!

You can find ebook templates via the Template Shop membership and I also sell a 30 page Ebook template which you can use with Canva.

Using reusable Gutenberg blocks

Another way to utilise templates is to make use of Gutenberg blocks inside WordPress. If there are sections you use regularly like opt-in boxes for lead magnets, or boxes with your recommended products, you can save these as reusable blocks and use them easily from within the WordPress dashboard.

You must make sure that your article is never more than 10% duplicate content.

Sales page templates

If you plan to sell digital products, courses or ebooks on your website, then you’ll need a solid sales funnel including variuous sales pages such as

  • A lead magnet sign up page
  • A tripwire page (optional)
  • A tripwire expiration page (also optional)
  • A sales page
  • A webinar sign up page
  • An affiliate sign up page (optional if you want affiliates to help you promote.)

You can create these pages using the free plugin Elementor which is an easy to use drag-and-drop page builder.

I create my own templates so once I’ve created a page I like, I make a duplicate copy. I then delete the text and remove the images so it is just a shell. I then choose to save as a template.

If your design skills could use some work or you’re just too busy to create your own, then I sell a bundle of sales page templates that you can use to create your entire sales funnel in a day.

Media kit templates

Want to land paid sponsorships and sponsored trips away? In which case you’ll need a media kit to display your stats and showcase your achievements to brands you wish to partner with.

A media kit is essentially a visual CV. you can create yours in Canva and save it as a template so you can periodically update it with up to date stats.

Check out these affordable media kit templates on Etsy.

Have you gotten some ideas for how blogging templates could help you streamline your blog and business? Which templates for bloggers have you used so far? Let us know in the comments section!

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