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Do you want to turn your blog into a profitable business?

Perhaps you’re a complete newbie and want to make your first sale? 

Maybe you want to take your blogging full-time but your blog isn’t quite making enough to justify it?

Or are you already full-time but you know your blog isn’t reaching it’s full potential? 

By using the easy strategies I teach in this course, the work you do now could continue to reward you for years to come. By working smarter, you can regain your work-life balance and turn your blog into a viable career.

That’s the dream, right?!


The most important thing I want you to take from this is that you DO NOT need a HUGE blog to be successful. By the time I reached 40K page views, I was making over $5000 a month through affiliate marketing ALONE and it has continued to grow from there. 

I would love to teach you how I turned my blog into a successful business WITHOUT sponsorships!

It might not happen overnight but with some hard work and the right strategy, you can work towards making your blog a business. 

And that’s WITHOUT the endless poorly paid, often poorly aligned sponsored posts that can be a total headache.

I’ll teach you how to work smarter, not harder to achieve financial success

In order to focus your business strategy and get started on the right track to making more profit in 2020, join this affiliate challenge for FREE!

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When? You will get sent the first days challenge immediately so you can get started straight away!

How long? 5 days. Complete it over 5 days or save the emails and take your time over it, it’s totally up to you!

How much? It’s FREE! Yippee!

Who is this course for? Beginner-Intermediate level bloggers or those needing a refresher course to refine their affiliate marketing strategy. There are also a couple of advanced ideas thrown in for good measure.

What Can I expect?


You can expect 5 emails over 5 days. 

Each email will contain instructions, guidance and tips for completing that days’ challenge. 

Set yourself the goal to do it over 5 days OR save the emails in a file and take your time over it. It’s YOUR choice!

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Topics covered by this free email course

The topics we will be covering are;


  • How to refine your affiliate marketing strategy and make sure you are serving your audience with the right products
  • Which posts you should be prioritising to update and how to do it effectively – without wasting your precious time!
  • How to craft the perfect resource page and why every blog needs one
  • How to dip your toes into the world of Pinterest affiliate marketing
  • Which type of article are best for actually converting sales
  • How to create the perfect review or tutorial article which has the power to convert
  • How to increase your conversion rates. Turn those clicks into sales!
  • How to craft the perfect listicle with a high conversion rate

See you in class?!

See what others are saying...

“I knew I wanted to add affiliate marketing opportunities to my website content, but I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea how to get started. I began reading Leanne’s articles for affiliate marketing beginners and fell in love with her style of clearly explaining the process while also defining all the terminology. Her content is very thorough and deeply insightful. But still, I was overwhelmed. It’s one thing to read and understand a concept and quite another to actually develop and implement an effective strategy. That’s when I decided to take Leanne’s 5-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge. You can read and learn all day long, but until you actually try to implement the information it’s difficult to grasp all the concepts and tools. I began the challenge and purchased the Affiliate Superstar Tool Kit (which was a STEAL at $19). The first email scared me to death, but I read every word about four times and then forced myself to do it. Then with each challenge I gained more and more confidence. I asked Leanne a few questions along the way, and she was very responsive and patient. Leanne is a legit expert at affiliate marketing, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. It’s a bit early for me to have any monetary results from my efforts, but in just a week I’ve gained eight new affiliate partners and am loading my content with relevant ads. Leanne is the affiliate marketing QUEEN, and I will be first in line for her upcoming affiliate marketing course!” By Michelle

“I’ve stumbled upon Leanne’s Passive Income Superstars page at the very beginning of my journey with affiliate marketing, not long ago. Her articles are very on point and provide lots of valuable information, thus I enrolled in the 5-day affiliate marketing challenge. That has been a true cornerstone for me because I’ve started understanding the path forward, have now a plan and a strategy for achieving my affiliate goals. In the 5 days of the program, I’ve learned how to write content that will convert, and what kind of articles I need to focus on, in order to make money even if I don’t have a huge blog.
Unfortunately, I don’t have impressive numbers because this whole Coronavirus panic started and since I’m in travel, people are not into that right now. However, as far as is concerned I’ve had a 300% increase in February vs January just by making a few small changes in my articles based on these suggestions.” by Ingrid

“This 5-Day Affiliate Challenge was filled with snackable, yet productive tips. Leanne really knows what she is talking about and presented a wealth of information in a very easy and understandable way. I look forward to future challenges from Leanne!!” – Jordan W., Wayfaring With Wagner

Disclaimer: In this course, I will teach you what has worked for me and enabled me to build a profitable online business via my blog. However, there are of course no guarantees it will work for you and it can only be successful if you are willing to put the time and effort into learning, revising and adapting your strategy.