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Do you want to start earning more money with your blog? 

Perhaps you’re a complete newbie and want to make your first affiliate sale? 

Maybe you want to take your blogging full-time but your blog isn’t quite making enough to justify it?

Or are you already full-time but you know your blog isn’t reaching it’s full potential? 

Affiliate marketing is the answer!

By using affiliate marketing strategies for your business, the work you do now will continue to reward you for years to come. By working smarter, you can regain your work-life balance and turn your blog into a viable career.

That’s the dream, right?!

I currently make up to $140 per 1000 page views using 100% passive income strategies. I would love to show you how you can do this too.

In order to focus your affiliate strategy and get started on the right track to making more profit in 2020, join this affiliate marketing challenge!

Let’s do this!

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When? whenever you like

How long? 5 days

How much? FREE

Why? To make more money with your blog! 

What Can I expect?

You can expect 5 emails over 5 days. 

Each email will contain instructions, guidance and tips for completing that day’s challenge. 

If you have any questions, then join our Facebook group where I hang out and can answer your queries…

The topics we will be covering are;

Perfecting your affiliate strategy

Updating your most popular posts

Trying out Pinterest affiliate marketing

Crafting the perfect review or tutorial

Crafting the perfect affiliate listicle

 I hope we see you there..?!

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See what others are saying...

“The 5-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge was filled with snackable, yet productive affiliate marketing tips. Leanne really knows what she is talking about and presented a wealth of information in a very easy and understandable way. I look forward to future challenges from Leanne and Passive Income Superstars!” – Jordan W., Wayfaring With Wagner

“Thanks for the motivation and help during this 5 day challenge.  The first thing I created was a resource guide that has already had some hits on my website.  I especially appreciated the constructive criticism given for my pins. It helped refine them to the point where they are visually much more appealing.  I was also inspired by your blogging gift guide post.  It gave a lot of ideas on how to create a post with lot of affiliate links but still didn’t look spammy.  I looked forward to the facebook posts each day to see how I could improve my affiliate marketing.  Thank you!” – Candyce,