Hey! It’s great to have you here!

I wanted to tell you a little bit more about me and this website in the hope you’ll want to hang around a little longer…

Who am I?!

I’m Leanne, 33, part-time doctor, part-time travel writer, full-time businesswoman. I’ve been described by other people in this industry as a community player AND a hustler! Yes, you can be both!

I believe in working hard, working smart and working ethically. All whilst surrounding myself with an inspiring community of other creative business-folk who keep me motivated and focused.

My Journey into the blogging world

I stepped into the exciting online biz world back In August 2017.

After completing my GP training, I was beginning to feel disillusioned in my role as a full-time doctor. I loved helping people but felt frustrated and stressed by the lack of time I had with each patient. I knew if I carried on working full-time, I would burn out quickly.

Around the same time, I also went through a bad break up and was left feeling broken. I needed a way to take control and feel more ‘me’ again!

I decided to take a short sabbatical and booked a 3 month trip to South America. Having always kept a hobby blog when I travelled, I planned to do the same, until a friend pointed out that this could be the creative opportunity I was looking for. So I set to reading every article about blogging I could get my hands on.

And so my travel blog The Globetrotter GP, was born.

photo of me in chile at sunset overlooking moon valley

Learning to blog for success

I won’t lie to you, I made MANY mistakes along the way. But over time, I learnt the skills that I needed to run a successful online business talking about one of the things I love the most; travel.

Through trial and error, a lot of research and a LOT of hard work, I mastered the art of making passive income through my blog, gradually allowing me to reduce my GP hours to part-time. This allows me to be a better GP and to actually enjoy my day job. I can’t ever imagine giving up medicine completely – I’ve worked hard to get here – but I’ve found the equilibrium that keeps me happy and stimulated.

I quickly realised I didn’t want to earn my money through sponsored posts. The occasional one with a brand I loved, maybe… But I saw friends of mine stressed to the hilt trying to juggle multiple poorly paid sponsored campaigns, just to put food on the table.

I spent hours reading blogging income reports and it became apparent that the bloggers who were really killing it, were not making much of their money from sponsorship. Instead, they were earning their money passively, achieving great work-life balance in the process.

Over time, I developed a geeky obsession with learning everything I possibly could about gaining traffic through search engine optimisation and Pinterest and monetising that traffic through affiliate marketing.

I believe my years of medical training gave me the foundation for learning, analyzing and putting in some serious hard work to get me to where I am today.

I remember right back when I started my first blog, a close family member told me (out of genuine concern) that there was no way I could make decent money from a blog, let alone match my doctor income.

I told him that I would report back in a year and was happy to tell him a year later that I was earning a steady $1500 a month from the website. A year later, I’ve had some weeks where my blog’s passive income actually exceeds my doctor income!

So guys and girls, don’t let people tell you (even if they have your best intentions at heart) that you can’t achieve success doing something you love. You absolutely can.

My ‘Why’

As my geeky obsession with SEO and affiliate marketing gained speed, local bloggers and friends started coming to me for advice. I love teaching people, always have, and if they asked a simple question, they usually got an essay in return!

This sparked an idea that maybe I could formally teach other people about the topics I’m so passionate about?

However, self-doubt held me back. After all, my blog is only medium-sized right now. I get around 36,000 page views a month which I know for 2 years into my blogging career, certainly isn’t bad! But there are bloggers out there who’ve been doing it years and years who have more than 300,000 page views and are making an absolute killing! Could I even be taken seriously amongst such big-players?!

But then I realised that is exactly why I SHOULD start this website.

I wanted to show people that you don’t need years of experience and massive traffic to make a solid passive income from your blog. You don’t have to take on multiple poorly paid sponsored campaigns (usually requiring risky do-follow links) just to put food on the table. I wanted to show people how to be smart, tactical and turn their small or medium-sized blog into a viable business just like I have.

Learning SEO

It took me months, reading and learning to fully understand SEO. Had I known about it from the start, my blog would be much bigger now. I want to teach you how to do it right from the START.

You can see below a screenshot showing my daily traffic. As you can see, the first year was slow as I got a lot of things wrong. I started learning about SEO in April but it was several months before I truly understood it and perfected my strategy. By October, I had a good grasp of SEO and you can see that my traffic has been steadily rising ever since, even during times when travel traffic becomes diminished such as during the winter months.

Imagine if I knew in August 2017 what I know now? That graph would be looking a tad different! As yours can…

Affiliate marketing growth

I started affiliate marketing when I had 5000 page views a month. Within a few weeks, I had my first sale resulting in a $200 commission. I presumed it was a fluke but then every month, it started increasing. Just over a year later, I had earnt $15,000 through just that ONE company. Last month I earnt $3700 through affiliate sales only.

The graph below shows my affiliate income growth (in pounds sterling) over 1 year with the AWIN affiliate programme. You can promote all sorts of products and companies through AWIN and it is one of my favourite programmes. I’d highly recommend signing up!

graph showing earning through awin affiliate programme in 1 year

So if you stick with me, I will teach you everything I know about growing a blog to make passive income without relying on brands and sponsorships. Instead, you will be making money in your sleep.

It won’t be easy and you might not get success overnight. But if you want it badly enough, you can make it happen.

Let me show you how…