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I’m the travel-loving, ever-so-slightly-ditzy, affiliate-marketing-obsessed blogger behind this website. I started my first travel blog just over 2 years ago after becoming disillusioned with my career in medicine. 

People told me blogging could never be a career, that I’d never earn a doctor’s salary from blogging. Boy, were they wrong! 

Now I’m here to show you that you CAN make a viable career from doing something you love. 

Stick with me and I’ll show you how I make a decent income, without a huge blog, using passive income strategies. 

Together we’ll work on growing and monetising your blog traffic to help you start earning money whilst you sleep!

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A side by side comparison of mailerlit vs Convertkit with 2 mockups on laptop and bullet points comparing the differences listed in the text below
Mailerlite vs Convertkit – Which is the best email marketing platform in 2021

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